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"My Thursday (aka My Cub) is upset wit me so I’ll have to see him today. Good day for it…it is "hump day" (lol). He practically demanded that I come over after work so we can talk. He feels neglected and like he’s last on my list, which isn’t true. I just have a lot going on my life. He specifically told me he doesn’t want to have sex. How disappointing.

I keep a toiletry bag with me at work and always have sum smell good with me, so I freshed up in the ladies room & sprayed myself down.

Even though he said “No sex!” I’m hoping he changes his mind. Wish me luck on gettin’ sum dick 2nite. A sistah need a good stiff one. He’s been stressing & aggravating the hell outta me since Sunday, so I need 2 relieve sum stress!

I’m outta here. Peace!!

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